EDARAH is AOT’s agile corporate performance management platform designed to help set strategy for boards, CEOs and decision-makers.

The EDARAH platform delivers organization-wide results whilst continually monitoring, reporting and adapting to drive competitive advantage.

EDARAH was specifically built to increase the performance and efficiency of projects and operations management, and to empower portfolio managers with a transparent view of performance.

​​Distinguished and ambitious organizations always seek to apply total quality management and organizational excellence to achieve its customers, employees and stakeholders’ expectations through establishing a well organized and transparent work environment that can follow standards and achieve goals with high efficiency.​

Therefore, such organizations hire consulting firms and quality professionals to develop strategies, policies, and procedures to help them achieve this. however, this requires another step to transform these strategies, policies, and procedures into a widely applied framework.

That’s what the EDARAH Platform exactly does, it works to transform these strategies, policies, and procedures into an automated and easy to implement a framework that provides all the tools and functions to the various departments in the organization in a way makes it a reality for the organization.​

The Edarah Platform Monitors

The EDARAH platform monitors manages and evaluates your organization’s total business – from top-level strategic objectives to lower-level projects and operations.

You are empowered to track the progress of converting strategic objectives into initiatives, programs, and projects​.

Rapid implementation and time to benefit

Our proven expertise ensures the rapid implementation of EDARAH with zero disruption for your organization and seamless integration with your existing systems.

Being cloud-based, EDARAH is deployed rapidly with industry-leading time to benefit. You’re immediately able to set performance objectives and achieve a much sought-after competitive edge.

Gain full control today – welcome to a new era of corporate performance management made easy