Run a unified database across multiple hardware components for easy scaling

Our Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) solution lets you run multiple database instances from different servers while accessing the same physical storage. You benefit from databases that appears as a single unified structure for users despite spanning multiple hardware systems. Our Oracle RAC solution also makes upgrading easy – where we help you add additional servers instead of going to the expense of replacing existing ones. As long as your new servers run the same operating system and version of Oracle, your expansion will be seamless. AOT’s Oracle RAC solution is a brand new way of thinking about scalability and availability for the databases that drive your business forward.


Easy Scalability

Just add nodes and servers to boost performance without changing your entire server setup

Better Availability

Adding nodes, updating firmware or patching operating systems is seamless, with far less downtime

Planned Maintenance

Is easier, faster and far less disruptive

Better Performance

Through efficient deployment and cluster management