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AOT's data storage solution

Data storage is an integral component of the IT infrastructure within every organization. Pro-actively maintaning 24x7 uptime of disparate storage systems has become a necessity for any organization that wants to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. internal and external market forces have been instrumental in defining how data is being maintained and provided at the right time to a variety of stakeholders. These demands have increased investment in disaster recovery, business continuity palnning and storage resources management tools.​

Data storage requirements skyrocket, AOT meets the challenge

Expotential data growth and service level agreement within departments are driving organizations to implement the most efficient storage technologies available in the marketplace. And, every change in technology is increasing complexity and therefore creating a demand for updated skill-sets in personnel responsible for maintaining both harware and software.

It's imperative for business to make provisions for technology upgrades as analysts have reported that 40% of backups fail and go unreported. This failure is due to complexity in backup system design, lack of suitably trained personnel with the right skill-sets or sub-standard industry practices.

AOT has designed and built a low-cost storage solution which consists of both hardware and software. We use open source Bacula which is a set of programs that allows system adminstrators to manage backup, recovery, and verification of computer data across a disparate computer network.

Depending upon your organization's needs, we design your storage and provide storage devices with an option for yearly usage fee.

AOT takes responsibility for all support and maintenanace.

At AOT we provice our customers with storage solutions that are designed to increase efficiency by simplifying complex storage management challenges.​


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